• Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Cuba but grew up mostly in Canada.

  • How did you fall in love with dance and what does dance mean to you?

I fell in love with dance as a kid.  My mum was actually a dancer and I feel like dance was a really big thing in music videos when I was younger so I always grew up looking at those videos and trying to mimic what those dancers and singers were doing.

It literally means the world to me its been with me since I was really young and it didn’t matter what was going on in my life, the highs and lows, I could always just go to dance and forget about everything that was happening and it was sort of a way for me to understand what I was feeling and deal with my emotions, sort of a release of any anger or negative emotions that I had growing up or even now

  • Do you have a preferred style, perhaps a style that empowers you?

It’s hard to pick a favourite style of dance for sure. Everything brings out a different side to mean thats why I love dance like when I’m in heels I feel like I’m a woman and I feel really sexy and feminine but I love to crump too and just get out all of my aggression.  I feel like all of the styles definitely have a different way of empowering you

  • How do you deal with the constant scrutiny on your look?

Constant scrutiny is sort of a tough thing, I have a love hate relationship with it because constantly being criticised can really effect your ego and your self esteem but also knowing that sometimes criticism is trying to help you and steer you in the right direction so just understanding the intention of the criticism definitely helps and once you know okay this is criticism coming from a good place trying to help me of whether it criticism trying to drag me down and make me feel worse, you just take in what is good and ignore everything else.

  • Having a big social media presence has become a thing for dancers and choreographers.  How do you navigate that?

Social media definitely effects dance for sure, I think t was really common maybe a year or two ago to go to an audition and you had to put down how many followers you had on instagram. For me personally I never experienced any auditions like that but definitely heard about it and I feel like now we’re heading into a new direction where how many followers you have doesn’t really matter anymore. So I can’t really speak on what it was like when it was important because I just wasn’t really as of a big dancer at the time, but I definitely feel like theres this big backlash happening where people are like fuck Instagram it doesn’t matter how many followers you have because it was such a big prevalent issue two year ago. Adding to that I feel like people have now released that how many followers you have has nothing to do with how talented you are or how professional you are as a dancer I know instances of dancers where they’ve got millions of followers and they get booked on one job but because of that they don’t get booked consistently because they’re unprofessional and their vibe doesn’t gel well with the choreographer or artistic director so following is really sort of going out the window.

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  • Tell us more about your training. How did you end up in LA?

I started training in a studio in Calgary Alberta when I was 8 and I did that til I was 12 and then I decided ‘oh I don’t like dance’ which was like a weird phase I was in and then I started up again when I was 14 and I trained at the same studio that I was at before and I did that until I was 17 and then I graduated and I did the professional dancer thing in Calgary which meant being a part of a lot of different crews that would just perform small shows, small festivals and then did some crew work in Edmonton as well before moving to Vancouver when I was 18 and then I trained there for several years, probably until I was 21 and then when I was 21 I decided I wanted to make a really long trip to LA to decide if LA was what I really wanted and if spending all the money on my visa was worth it. So I’ve been going back and forth between Vancouver and LA for my training the past two years now.

  • What are your interests outside dance? Would you be interested in choreography yourself?

Honestly, I don’t have that many interests outside of dance, because I feel like dance takes up such a big portion of my life what I want to when I’m not in the studio training has a lot to do with taking my mind off of everything. So I watch a lot of TV, a lot of Netflix and Hula. Just a lot of things that don’t involve a lot of energy mentally, physically, emotionally. That’s what I consider my hobbies. I really like food. Cooking is one of my hobbies now I guess. I actually play guitar and sing a little bit and play piano. Ive been meaning to start training in it a lot more though.

You literally have to sacrifice everything if you’re going to try and be one of the best and be a working dancer. Its insane, everything is sacrificed, my relationships with my friends, my relationships with my parents, my relationship with my husband, you know, any other hobbies I had they all had to go on the back burner in order for me to get to where I am now and also they’re going to have to stay on the backburner in order for me to continue to aim to where I wanna be in this career.

What is your dream now?

At this point in my life Ive got a couple of different levels of dreams. One of them is to get my visa so I can work as a professional dancer here in the States. Another one is to book big stadium tours with artists like Beyonce or Rhianna, but I’d take any fuckin’ big stadium tour honestly. Then eventually I would like to open a studio or an artistic space in San Juan del Sur because I feel like a lot of kids, expat kids and locals they start partying really really young and I think it has to do with there’s not enough variation of things that kids can do.  They’re surfing but if you don’t like surfing then what is there for you. So I’d like to open up a space where kids who are more artistically inclined an spend their days, gain knowledge and express themselves and have fun as opposed to just going out to the bars and getting fucked up at like, 13!

 Tell us your favorite things in LA? What inspires you there?

My favourite thing about LA is definitely the training and the possibility of attaining your biggest dream, I think its such a great thing that everyone here is on the same page, we’re all hustling towards being the best and doing big big things that some people could’ve thought would never happen. I love training really hard and classes are not easy here but I love that push that it gives me and I love that feeling of ‘I thought I couldn’t do this but then I did’.

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