A MUST HAVE summer accessory, our hats are a huge part of our Nicaragua store and we are excited to be expanding our online collection this week!

Our 'Margarita' cap was immediately the most popular design on our website, and due to the overwhelming requests from our Auric community to bring them back, we did one better and brought it to you in a fresh new color scheme.


We work with a family run embroidery shop to make all of our limited edition hats;  we have been using the same embroidery shop for the last 5 years. The factory is close to our base in San Juan Del Sur and specializes in making Baseball jerseys which is Nicaragua's most revered sport! Their space has a great vibe in it with a lot of colorful garments being created all around our hats.


This year we decided to throw an extra layer of production in the mix by tie dying our hats, complimenting our original hand dyed t-shirt line making them fit right into our one of a kind Auric line and a perfect accessory for the beach this summer. Each hat is tie dyed with love bye our head tie dye master Rosa, and whats so great about them is that each individual hat has its own character and is a little bit different than its brother  


Above shows the hats getting the magic touch from our shop girls. Once they have been worked on, they get hung out to naturally dry in the Nicaraguan sun in the Auric backyard!



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