Inspired by the eclectic free spirits flowing through our beach town, 2014 saw the birth of the ALOH/A lifestyle in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, by us two beachies. Limited resources brought on the original case of paradise problems, but we rose to the challenge and produced our signature concept. If you're talking tie-dye, we are the ducks nuts.

Spontaneous in our experimentation, the Auric small batch is a wearable expression of creative freedom. It’s a visual reflection of our tropical surroundings and a representation of the wave chasers who make it home. Most importantly, it’s something comfy for you to chuck on after a long day in the salty stuff.


The magic happens two streets from the beach in a little backyard behind our flagship store. From concept to colour, graphic to print; we are behind our creations every step of the way. Let’s not beat around the bush - hand mixing each new set of colours isn't easy, but it's how we create our palette identity and not something we’d change for the world as it makes every piece special.

Every item is different from its mate on the rack in one way or another. We celebrate our irregularities and you’ll be stoked to know that you’re the only person repping that exact piece.




Only working with family-run sewing rooms, we pride ourselves in bringing you limited edition threads that are ethically produced, tie-dyed and hand finished in Nicaragua. Hitching a ride with our mates to the streets of Brooklyn, down to the coastline of Bali and all the way to the land down under. We’re also all over our maple syrup lovin’ buds from BC to QC.

Legends around the globe each relive the memories of surfing the Pacific beach every time the fabric touches their skin. Auric is evolving; we will be adding new collections consistently from now on and striving for better quality every step of the way.


Small batches mean we don’t replicate the series over and over; once it’s gone, it’s gone. Time to create another explosion of art, keeping our stock fresh and steering clear of the mass-produced look.

Our original crew of girls have been with us since the start and put a lot of love into their work, ensuring our vision becomes reality. We are a family, and it shows in the final product.

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